August 2, 2020

🌐 | Presenting a wonderful opportunity for your family to live in THE most sought after location in the City.

Inspiring respect and admiration, 7 Sycamore Place in Churchill Park has high status because of these keys:

🌼 NEIGHBOURHOOD: Accessibility, security, maturity, and amenities. One doesn’t have to drive anywhere to get to anything. Inviting & safe with many children. Near green spaces and a short walk to great schools. A location embracing it’s own sense of community.

🌼 CENTRALITY: Once considered “out in the woods” in 1950, urban sprawl has created a highly coveted area that is central to everything.

🌼 DEVELOPMENT. Plans for further commercial development in nearby areas are positive.

🌼 LOT LOCATION. Oversized 50 x 135 on cul de sac completely enveloped by massive mature trees conferring tranquility and privacy. Tucked away & only accessible by one route and surrounded by beautiful homes that appreciate value. Near popular nature trails and a river.

ALL things that are incredibly desirable! The bottom line is that a truly great location is based on a fairly static set of criteria.

Both now and when it comes time to sell, 7 Sycamore Place is and will be a preeminent highly valuable family location.

MLS 1218384 $499,900 🌐

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