August 14, 2020

🌐 📈 Very impressive stats for July!

▪️July sales 355 – up 34% compared to July 2019!!

▪️Avg year-to-date (YTD) price is up – now $287,997 – only 0.1% compared to last year!!

▪️1844 Active Listings down -18.6% compared to July 2019 – the 17th consecutive month of a decrease in inventory!

▪️Sales to List Ratio was a most impressive 19.3%! Anything north of 18% is a SELLERS market! So, we bounced into a sellers market during the month of July!! (Avg Sales to List YTD is 9.7%.)

With July and August being the busiest months of the year, anticipate good results on the August data which will be released in September.

Confidence in NL is high. Fantastic time to buy considering historic low interest rates and great values!